b'THE WAVE10 YEAR TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY 4 PREMIUM VINYL ESTER RESINHULLTRANSOMFLOORSTRINGERS We incorporate a premium Vinyl Ester Resin in the barrier coat underneath our high quality gel coat. This adds rigidity to the hull and prevents hydrolysis which is the number one cause of blistering and cracking.5 6-BOLT CUSTOM JACKPLATESThe custom plates made for Yar-Craft are a big deal. Added rail length, full transom support and an extra tie bar gives you the advantage on big water.6 FULL-WIDTH TRANSOM STRENGTHThe 2095 BTX and new 219 TFX use vacuum molded transoms that extends the entire width of the boat. No fillers are used as we set into wet fiberglass to secure them to the hull.777'