b'SIGNATURE PERFORMANCE BRAVEFISHING PLATFORM 1Boat response and behavior while fishing is just as important as our famous ride. The ability to maintain position in adverse conditions is paramount for a succesful day. Input from serious fishermen, including several from the R&D department, continues to evolve the lineup.WAVE-CRUSHING ENTRY 2An aggressive entry and strategically tapered deadrise allows you to literally split waves, maintaining position to contact the next set correctly. Spray is turned down to stay comfortable and dry. Stability built into the hull helps everyone onboard without sacrificing rough water performance.RUNNING SURFACE 3Recent modifications have enhanced maneuverability and control required to excel in all conditions. Superior agility and strength helps power through the roughest reservoir chop or finesse the giant swells of the Great Lakes. Were perfecting a hull that fears no wave, and can flat out run when the conditions allow.44'