b'ft in lbs 150-20018 699197540 in FUEL CAPACITY galLENGTH BEAM HULL WEIGHT H.P. RANGE1TM Mounting Area 1Reinforced trolling motor mounting flat that can accommodate all brands with ease. 4Storage Length With Tongue Swing 21 5Center Rod Storage 22Central rod storage has two(2) tiers for rods up to 8 in length. 5Cockpit Rod Storage 3Twin fold-down cockpit doors allow for additional rod storage up to 8 in length. 3 3Front Deck Layout 4 186 TFX Console 5 Rear Deck Layout 66Carpeted lids with generous storage boxesAll-fiberglass console with custom 6XRear deck layout including the rear battery 14and an insulated cooler on the front deck. steering wheel and switch panel. Largecompartment,oversizedstorageand storage boxes inside each console. aerated livewell with bait bucket area.'