b'FULL CONTROLThis is a special boat for a specialty market. It is one of the mostunder any conditions. The precise turns and tracking of the 2095 provide versatile layouts in the multi-species arena, offering pinpoint controlthat experience. A large front deck places you on point with the recessed and maneuverability in both forward and reverse. The 2095 BTX is knownpedal tray and an adjacent day box for convenience. The seamless layout for unparalleled drifting and spot-holding characteristics seasonedflows into the rear command center, with access to the built-in tooler/backtrollers appreciate. Tiller anglers demand their boats act as anruler/net scabbard. Couple that with the signature Yar-Craft ride and extension of themselves to effortlessly deliver their lure presentationsyoure ready for any adventure. 13'