b'2020 and now 2021 is a time of change. Change is happening as we see rotation in our Tour staff. Adding more solid anglers Actually, change is inevitable. We all do it. Whats important is we dont changeto our recognized staff of the likes of Birge, Sprague, Kennedy, Iaconelli and more. our culture and we feel we have an amazing team and culture. At Bass Cat we areAdding solid men of faith like Mark Rose, Scott Suggs, Billy McDonald, Gregg about to embark on over 50 years of boat building heritage, and Yar-Craft is justBohannon, and finally Takahiro Omori. Yes we lost a couple, though we really coming into its 52nd year. In spring 2021, this company was founded over 50 yearsbeefed up on faith and changed a few things here. And we would be remiss to ago, no doubt we have seen many changes. Through all the change, our culturenot recognize Hank Cherry for his Bassmaster Classic win in the 50th Bassmaster and our purpose has remained. Some of you are looking for a culture to be a partClassic, in Birmingham.of and we feel we have one worth considering as things change. That change isWe have change in our competition and change in our circles of fishing. We are in you, for we dont have any desire to change our culture as we grow. focused on changing things in areas, especially out west. Our goal is bringing We do evolve, we change, we change our lives, our homes, our structures and innew aspects and innovations to the walleye market and we are definitely about to many cases our jobs, as we grow. If our friends are true, we really never changechange some things in the bass market as well. Those changes are creating other them. You touch a friend of 40 years ago, and its just about catching up. Changechanges and we are seeing new markets develop, gaining some fresh eyeballs on happens around us whether that is change for good, or change for the worst. 2020our product.was definitely a change for the worst. Or was it and while no doubt for many2019 saw our corporate culture awarded the Most Innovative Marine Company 2020 was a terrible year, we all gained more than we ever could in our values. Weby Boating Industry. 2020 saw a repeat of that honor as Correct Craft was again value our families and freedoms more than we ever could. We value our lifestylerecognized as the Most Innovative Marine Company for 2020. We are a part of and our source of life sustention. We have focused on what matters in life and wethat as we had the new Yar-Craft 219 TFX receive the Most Innovative Freshwater are all working hard to protect those things we not only love, we appreciate. WeFiberglass Fishing Boat, for 2020, at the Minneapolis Boat show last January. It are all growing and learning. also was recognized as a Top Product by Boating Industry as a marine innovation Its more than just a CoVid atmosphere. Change is something that happens in life orfor 2020.we would all still be using pony express. Our business is no doubt seeing a changeOne of the highest honors we received in 2020 was the Better Business Bureau as the industry has seen growth of never before levels. We thought we had a fishingTorch Award for Ethics in Arkansas. It was arduous to qualify as we proved how license sale bump in 2009 and 2010, only to see more growth in 2020 than evertedious issues were handled and how we navigated consumer issues. At Bass Cat and before. In some marine markets, the industry saw increases in annual sales beyondYar-Craft we have some simple guidelines we live by. 1 Everything has a reason, 50%, no doubt we received some growth and a few new faces in our brand as well. 2 Be thorough in all we encounter, and 3 Always do the right thing. They also Never before has the outdoor industry been so buoyed by any event in ourrecognized Who Took You Fishing as the culture of our company shined through recollection. Getting outdoors is safer, the open air is fresh, the water ever so muchin many areas of the qualifications. We are very proud of this accomplishment.more open, and the experience we all know is unmatched. The chance of watchingAnd as for some of you, we are asking you to change and we know that. We are that eagle snatch a fish, a bobcat on the prowl, that line tick weve spoken of before,asking you to be a part of our culture and our way of life. If the values above fit your the experience and wonder of nature. Everyone today is reaching outdoors, beingway of life, we welcome you to join us, become a part of the Family! Some are introduced to fishing as never before, seeing Gods beauty in ways many neverlooking to be a part of a culture, and we feel that we share this.experienced. That shouldnt make things too difficult, as change is inevitable.As change brings new anglers to the outdoors, and our product, they are learning to understand our family and our culture, it extends beyond that. For both BassGod Bless and Good Fishin,Cat and Yar-Craft it is more than a purchase. Mark Lassagne, of Bass Angler, told me recently that he never knew how strong our following was. His comment was, Theres a following with these boats that I havent experienced with other brands, youve done a good job of building a stellar reputation. No doubt weRickhave tried to always build on what we have. That is not a change, that is a consistent effort over time seen through changes.2'